The Massage Corner has a holistic view of therapeutic massage with a focus on relaxing the mind to help the body balance itself, warming the spirit, promoting healing and well-being.

In the past 15 years, I’ve touched more than 10,000 naked people!

There is a saying: “You won’t become a Master at anything till you have done at least 10,000 hours of work”

Don’t worry though—the fancy parts were covered—I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist. They have you start in School on friends and family, other students and as time go by, then the general public. Some people are silent during a massage; others can’t stop talking in a nervous attempt to clothe themselves with something, even if only words.

Despite our obsession with our naked bodies, American culture doesn’t really encourage nakedness (physically or emotionally). And if all the pleasantries and social constructs we use weren’t bad enough, we add social media into the mix and distance each other even further. When we’re naked and silent, all of that falls away. What I learn from what a person tells me is miniscule compared to what I learn by feeling their skin, muscles and bones. By watching him or her move. By listening to their breath. By feeling their pulse.


So, in case you didn’t know:

  1. Your body doesn’t lie. You might say, “I’m relaxed!” or, “That pressure is great, you can work deeper” but your body may tell you a very different story. What goes on in your muscles, with your breathing, with your pulse is the truest you: the you that even you might not know yet. It’s a good thing to get in touch with. You’d feel much better if you listened and let your words match up to what your body was saying.
  2. When you stretch, you open up space.  This is physically true, and emotionally true. When you physically stretch (or allow yourself to be stretched) you create space and allow for greater movement, greater vulnerability and more growth. It’s the same when you stretch yourself emotionally, too. Your physical and emotional selves aren’t separate––stretch one, and you usually stretch the other, too. It isn’t always comfortable at first, but it’s a wonderful thing. Surrender to it. You won’t regret it.
  3. That thing you’re embarrassed about? That you don’t want anyone to see? That you tense up and hold your breath over? The part of you that you wish was different? It’s OK, It’s OK, LET GO! Enjoy it. It’s part of what makes you so beautiful.
  4. Everyone has body hair in various places and amounts. There’s no one right amount. It’s all good. Same goes for moles. Even models don’t look like they do in the pictures. Smooth and hairless is a Fifth Avenue invention designed to create discontent (and sell grooming products).
  5. Everything you’ve experienced is stored in your body at a cellular level. Each cell is a record of all of it. I’ve felt it in your skin. Being born. Being held. The time you fell off your bike and weren’t that hurt but very scared. That brutal sunburn on your shoulders at 14. The time you fell out of a tree and broke your collarbone. The first time you felt deeply loved. The person who hurt you so badly you thought you were broken for good. Your muscles remember it. They remember it like it happened 10 minutes ago.


Your successes hold your shoulders high. Your losses pull your chest inward. You hold your sadness in your throat, your anger in your jaw and your fear in your belly. Your happiness rises and falls in your chest. Love rolls in and out on the tides of your breath. It’s all there, all the time. {You can release the parts that hurt, if you want to. Yoga and massage are the best ways I’ve seen.}

  1. Your weight is the least interesting thing about you. I promise.
  2. Your skin, however, is fascinating. Every line, every freckle, every scar tells the amazing stories of your life. Please do not Botox, bleach or sand it all away. They’re all So beautiful.
  3. General physiologic effect of massage: manipulation of tissue breaks down toxic buildup in the body, activates the lymphatic system and promotes circulation with oxygenated blood to the muscles and internal organs creating a healthy body.
  4. Emotional effects of Massage: Human touch promotes positive feelings in the body that have an effect on balancing hormones and strengthen your immune system that result in physical, mental and emotional changes on the nervous system promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing.
  5. Your body is a sea of wonderland. You are Amazing just as you are, right now. Celebrate your Body and LOVE yourself just the way you are!!!


Enjoy a massage every time you have a chance!


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